The shape of your face is the most important factor when choosing any frames. Virtual Try-on will help you to find you desire glasses. The list below should give a broad idea as to frame designs:

  • Round Faces – Rectangular frames would be most suitable.
  • Oval Faces – Most frames suit this face shape; size is the most important point when deciding here.
  • Triangular Faces – Rectangular frames would be most suitable.
  • Square Faces – Oval or round frames would be most suitable.
  • Rectangular Faces – Oval and round frames would be most suitable with medium – or larger-sized models.

We accept all major credit and debit cards which are kept secure with the strongest level of encryption commercially available. We don’t store your card details on our server: all our payments are processed by PayFast, the secure payment processor. This makes all transactions 100% safe and secure.

We aim to dispatch glasses within 2 working days on receiving the order. However, kindly note that it may take up to 28 working days for certain complex prescriptions.

If you have any further questions not answered in this section, please contact us directly at test.shopoptica.com

At ShopOptica we have an automated inventory management system. If the frame that you have selected is the last piece in our stock, it will automatically disappear from our website after you have placed the order. Rest assured, you will receive the pair of glasses that you’ve ordered.

On occasion, one pair of glasses can take slightly longer than the other. This is mainly due to a combination of the lens; prescription complexity and any coatings being added. We like to get you your glasses as quickly as possible, so if one pair is ready earlier, we dispatch them to you immediately, and send any subsequent pairs as soon as they’re done.

Call or email us as soon as possible. This is because we process orders as quickly as possible to ensure you receive your glasses at the earliest. For this reason, please double-check your prescription and shipping information before placing your order on our website.

Yes, We do sell prescription glasses for children.

Yes, you can. If you’re uncertain as to how to go about it, you can email us a copy of your prescription; we’ll attach it internally for you.

No, as contact lenses have a different prescription.

We’re afraid we simply don’t do them.

Simply put, it is the distance between your pupils. For a pair of glasses to optimally perform for you, the lenses need to be made to match the distance between your eyes-in such a way that the center of each lens aligns with the center of your pupils. To achieve this, we need your pupillary distance measurement, also called the PD measurement. You could ask your optician for your pupillary distance measurement when he or she is conducting your eye test.

The maximum prescription we cater for is ± 14.00 SPH (sphere) and ± 6.00 CYL (cylinder). We recommend customers contact our team to get a quote for your order if your prescription is above ± 6.00 SPH (sphere) and ± 2.00 CYL (cylinder) as there could be an additional charge to source these lenses.

We accept all major credit and debit cards across the globe.

We offer you a 100% quality guarantee on all our products.

Yes, because we do not take or save any card details on our website. The card details are handled by our highly secure payment gateways PayFast, whichever you opt for.

Yes, we do. You can get yourself bifocal/progressive lenses. We only suggest bifocals and progressive to those who have been recommended these by their optician, though. We have a large choice of frames that accommodate bifocal lenses. 

No, for most of the orders there are no hidden costs. We will contact you for extra charges only if your prescription is above minus or plus 4 for sphere and over minus or plus 2 for cylinder.