Non Branded Eye Glasses P579


Free Blue Protect or Transition Lenses!

                   Option 1 (Blue Protect): Buy any eyeglasses and get a FREE pair of Blue Light Protect lenses! Reduce eye strain and see clearly in the digital age.

                   Option 2 (Transition): Buy any eyeglasses and get a FREE pair of Transition lenses! Enjoy clear vision indoors and sunglasses in one!

WhatsApp your prescription to get free lenses!

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Discover a perfect blend of style and functionality with these fashionable eyeglasses from Optica. Whether you’re spending hours in front of a screen or enjoying outdoor activities, we have the perfect lenses for you.

Free Lens Options:

  • Blue Protect Lenses: Ideal for screen users, these lenses reduce eye strain and block harmful blue light.
  • Transition Lenses: Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, these lenses adjust to changing light conditions for optimal vision and comfort.
Material Plastic
Nose Bridge 20mm
Color Light Grey
Width 48mm


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