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Introduction of Optica Eyewear

Optica Eyewear Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look – just like a new hairstyle. For a long time, eyewear was used as accessories. But optica brought a new trend in eyewear boutiques. Our exceptional quality products and services will change your personality Full of style and glory.

Optica is one of the leading and best selling eyewear company in Pakistan. It’s established in 1984. Selling eyewear is our paternal profession. We are serving across Pakistan for three generations. Our motto is “Excellence in eye care since 1986”. We introduce lots of modern trends in eyeglasses for every age group. 

For more than 4 decades optica provide you with a wide range of eyewear collections with excellent quality. You will find here eyewear of every type and for every occasion. We represent your look and fulfill your needs.

Eyes are mirrors of the soul. We believe that everything is beautiful when your vision is bright. Our opticians are innovators in their profession. They guide you better so that you get the right pair of prescription glasses and which frame you select according to your facial features because it is not only an accessory rather than it’s a medical device.

If you do not check your vision or have not changed your glasses frame for a long time. And have tired of your old look and now want to look fresh and glamorous. optica eyewear boutique provides solutions to your eye problems. At this place, we provide you with the guidance about choosing the right prescription glasses. At the same time, we can help you to choose the perfect product according to your personality. It’s a great discovery to know about our good fit.

Overview of Optica eyewears

Are you have a sense of style and want to look gorgeous? We don’t compromise your vision and style. Optica can help you to get the perfect pair for you. Optica Eyewear not only protects your eyes but gives a stunning look to your personality. So it is important to select the perfect product for you. Our opticians and ophthalmologists provide exceptional services.

  • Our qualified ophthalmologists perform all process of eye screening, diagnose, and gives all treatment.  
  • Our eye care provider’s major concern is eye care and preventing vision loss. Our eye health service and regular screening system detect diseases in early conditions. Unfortunately, many eye problems and diseases are not diagnosed from early stages. Because they do not have clear signs in the early stages. As time passes its turns into a big problem. Sometimes it may be turned into permanent visual impairment or blindness. After some times developed a routine for eye detail examination. Your vision will be prevented from loss. 
  • Our Stores facilitate our customers with modern equipment and the latest technology in the eye care industry.
    1. We provide the optical lenses at affordable pricing.
    2. We prefer Customer satisfaction.
    3. We provide exceptional customer support after-sale services

Types of products and elaborate on each product 

 Optica provides a wide range of exceptional quality products Such as:

    • Trendy stylish spectacles, 
    • Eye accessories, 
    • Traditional to modern frames, 
    • Eyewear for color blindness, 
    • Sunglasses, 
    • Prescription lenses 

With the guaranteed for a long time and at an affordable price. We introduce enduring style pair eyewear and other stunning accessories for Men, women, kids, and unisex.

How many types of brands and products are selling on Optica?

Does eye care with fashion to be seen with confidence and style? First of all competitors, Shopoptic glasses are brought up top world-class eyewear brands in Pakistan. Our enduring style products grabbed the attention of our customers and Stole their hearts. Optica is an ambassador of the eyewear industry.

Who deals with world-famous brands like?

    • FENDI, 
    • PRADA, 
    • ESPRIT, 
    • ELLE, 
    • Givenchy, 
    • POLO, 
    • LOZZa, 
    • ZEISS, 
    • Desio, 
    • Fresh Kon, 
    • CARRERA, 
    • VERSACE, 
    • VOGUE, 
    • Cooper Vision, 
    • TOM FORD.
    • Cartier, 
    • Mont 
    • Blanc, 
    • Gucci, 
    • JIMMY CHOO, 
    • Ray-Ban, 
    • HUGO BOSS, 
    • PORSCHE, 

Where are the outlets of Optica?

Our millions of customers are waiting to find a wide range of Shopoptics luxurious products in their cities. Soon you will see our outlets all over Pakistan. 

Now We have five outlets in Lahore. 

( Gulberg || Kasoori Road. || DHA Y Block || DHA phase 6 || Packages Mall )


Eyes are a precious gift of Allah. Without healthy eyes and vision, we cannot see this wonderful world. We spend much more on cosmetics to show our eyes beauty, but it is more important to see beauty than to look beautiful.

You must plan a visit to the shopoptic eyewear outlets. When you come to optica, the eye care provider helps you to select a fit spectacle frame, contact lenses, and repair eyeglasses. High-quality products give your personality a new charm and add a feather to your cap. See the world through high-quality lenses on the online optica website.

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