Non Branded Eye Glasses P568


Free Blue Protect or Transition Lenses!

                   Option 1 (Blue Protect): Buy any eyeglasses and get a FREE pair of Blue Light Protect lenses! Reduce eye strain and see clearly in the digital age.

                   Option 2 (Transition): Buy any eyeglasses and get a FREE pair of Transition lenses! Enjoy clear vision indoors and sunglasses in one!

WhatsApp your prescription to get free lenses!

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Option 1: Blue Protect

Upgrade your look and protect your eyes with our fantastic offer! Purchase any of these stylish eyeglasses and receive a complimentary pair of Blue Light Protect lenses absolutely FREE. This advanced lens technology helps reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to digital screens like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Option 2: Transition

Upgrade your look and simplify your life with our amazing offer! Buy any of these elegant eyeglasses and receive a complimentary pair of Transition lenses included with your purchase. These innovative lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light conditions, providing clear vision indoors and automatically darkening outdoors, eliminating the need to carry separate sunglasses.

Why Choose Our Bonus Lenses Offer?

  • Free Lenses (Blue Protect or Transition): This offer provides significant savings, allowing you to get a complete pair of eyeglasses with advanced lens technology at a reduced cost.
  • Quality Lenses: Regardless of your choice (Blue Protect or Transition), we use high-quality lenses that provide exceptional clarity and visual comfort.


Material Plastic
Nose Bridge 17mm
Color Black
Width 53mm


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